Fitness Classes


Experience Yoga in various styles such as but not limited to: Let Go — Traditional Vinyasa Start to Breathe — Yoga for beginners Restore Yourself — Restorative Yoga Move with Me — Yoga fusion.


Is a combination of martial arts techniques and heart pumping cardio. Women will lose fat and tone their bodies feeling confident and less stressed.


This is a great class to create a supportive and motivational community of like- minded women. The class is designed to use body weight exercises with interval training and strength training burning more calories and toning up.


An aerobic class that combines Latin and international music with dance moves. Sweat it off and tone while having fun.


Warm up with dynamic stretches and then tone and strengthen with 2-3 circuits using full body exercises, kettlebells, med and stability balls. Increase your muscle toning abilities by enhancing deeper activation using various lightweight pieces of equipment.


A guided meditation from root to crown. Utilizing the powerful energy of vibrational therapy to support and guide you to let go of stored emotional patterns and to encourage a more balanced state of being.